Sunday 5th May 2013 - Married for 534 days

Our Wedding

image Well, well, well, here we are - finally tying the knot! After four-and-a-half years, a relocation to the Frozen North, and a beautiful baby boy together, our wedding is now just around the corner, and we are delighted to invite you to share it with us.

This website should help with the logistics of the wedding, including accommodation and travel information and a rough timetable for the festivities.

We've chosen a bank holiday weekend, so as well as ensuring the weather will be shocking, it means that those of you travelling from far and wide can have a more leisurely journey to Chester. (It's also much more fun to recover from a party on a free day off work)

Thank you so much for being, as your invitation reads, our 'family, friends and loved ones'. We can't wait to celebrate our marriage with you and hope you enjoy everything we've organised for our big day.

Lots of Love,
Natalie & Robert